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How To Order

Buykampala is the leading Online shopping store for all Electrical appliances across Uganda. We offer over 100,000 high-quality brand merchandise from reputable manufacturers all over the world. This is the easiest online store or website to use in Uganda for both wholesale and retail. Besides, it is convenient and secure. You don’t need to sign up or log in, in any way or the other to order for your product, No! You just need to be with an Email and Phone number, the rest are details we can call you and inquire more. Prior to your placement of an order, we bring it to your doorstep that very day. Below is how works.

Find out What you want.

You can browse through the store Page or product categories. You may use the Search. If you are on a desktop the search tool is displayed on top and viewable on every page. While on a mobile or Tablet it is in line with the Menu. This search works like Google or Yahoo or Bing. For example, if you are looking for Hisense TV, type ‘Hisense Tv’ and you will see thousands of results for Hisense TVs. You can order for any product that matches your preferences

Product Description

You may need to learn more about the product. Click on the item you are interested in. This will show you all the information regarding its look, quality, features, and brand. If you decide to purchase this Item Click on the “Add to Cart Button“.

Ordering for the product

If you decide to purchase a certain Item; click on it, You can set the number of items otherwise 1 is the default if you don’t set), then Click on the “Add to Cart Button“.

At this Cart stage, there is Continue Shopping button, Update Cart Button, and Proceed to Checkout button.

Should you click;

Continue shopping: This means you are adding another Item. so you can search for more Items.

Update cart: Use this if you want to update the number of that item you want to buy.

Proceed to Checkout: Means you are done selecting your Items and ready to put your delivery details. So Click and proceed.

Prior to Clicking ‘Proceed to Check out’

Fill in the required information and click ‘Place Order’ button

You are now done and we will send you a receipt of your Order on Your Email, then One of our staff will call to confirm your details and then we process your order.


The payment mode is “Pay upon delivery” Otherwise Mobile money is also accepted upon delivery.

Receive your items

Be informed that buykampala will deliver your item that very day you order for it. The buykampala agents will keep you updated until we reach the Item to you. We are the easiest and quickest. 

Shop with Us

Are you a shop or Supermarket? Are you an Individual or a family? Order your electrical appliance from us, perhaps we are ready to give you the best quality products at a wholesale price that you will enjoy to use or resale.