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Hisense Microwave Oven, 20 Litres


  • Size: 20L
  • Control Type: Mechanical
  • Open Type: Handle
  • Brand: Hisense
  • Seller: Quality Stars
  • Microwave Power(W): 700
  • Digital clock: NA
  • Defrost: Yes
  • Timer: 35Mins
  • Auto cooking menu: No
  • Power Level: 5

HISENSE Microwaves are the new inventions made for the modern style of cooking and the preservation of food items. They are made with sophisticated technology which ensures that your preservation is done properly and fast while you go about doing other kitchen activities. Whether it’s defrosting, warming, or properly heating up these microwaves are sure to get the Job done giving you no stress and more time. Hisense 20Ltrs Manual black & Mirror Microwave Oven is equipped with the latest technology which is suitable for daily kitchen activities such as cooking, defrost, and reheat your food, From steam technology to dual convection options, you’ll find a host of microwave oven features that combine convenience with traditional cooking
It features with manual operational and 700W microwave power source. The Hisense Microwave Oven is a perfect one for your home use. … This stylish microwave oven is a perfect one for the daily use. It cooks the food with a good speed and lets you get the natural test of your food. This is a must-have for a modern kitchen in every modern home!


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